Welcome to the sweet spot

Digital Recruitment Specialists

At razzbri we love what we do and we do it well. Partnering with digital solutions provider, Tiger Tail Digital of the Adcorp Group, we are spreading our passion and knowledge across the ocean into South Africa. We work with boutique start-ups through to corporate heavy weights, and place pride on our relationships and passion in our work. We make sure we understand what makes you tick, before pairing you to your perfect candidate or role. Digital iw what we live and breathe. We have our intrinsic passion and knowledge of our area of expertise, and it’s with this passion, deterimination and strength that we believe companies and careers should be built.

our values

  • We’re connected

    You’ll find us geeking out at meet ups, catching up with connections over coffee, and ultimately forming genuine friendships. Our network of friends is vast and packed full of talent and opportunity.

  • We get you

    We know that everyone’s different, and pairing candidates and clients is a carefully considered process. We like to know what makes you tick, personally and professionally. So we can tailor your experience, and offer ultimate matchmaking success.

  • We’re savvy

    We live and breathe digital, it’s our passion as well as our job. We know our SEO from our SEM, and our UX from our UI. We talk your language.

  • We’re human

    We are people helping people. We don’t buy into BS, we don’t play games. We make lasting connections, and enjoy nothing more than helping companies and careers grow.

our story

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